What we're all about

Our goal is simple: to serve delicious coffee humbly. To those who inspire, stir, and drive our craft we wish to present an unforgettable experience by presenting unique and accessible coffees in an inviting atmosphere. This is our labor of love to you, Memphis.

We are a group of people who love people. We are passionate. We are gracious. We are loving. We enjoy music, art, theatre, conversation, sports (especially the Grizzlies), food, travel, adventure, and loads more. We promise we will not be what has come to be known as "coffee snobs." Though we enjoy tasty coffee, we will do all that we can to cater to your palate, to your experience. More than anything, we enjoy making others happy. Let us know what we can do for you. You are our guest.

Get to know us

Ryan Henry   Manager/Head Barista

Ryan Henry
Manager/Head Barista




Peter Cavitch   Manager/Barista

Peter Cavitch






Casey Thorne   Barista

Casey Thorne








Reggie Taylor   Barista

Reggie Taylor




Chandler Murphy   Barista

Chandler Murphy



Cabot Huffstutter   Barista

Cabot Huffstutter