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Our promise

We promise to serve everyone who walks through our door equally, with efficiency, hospitality, and encouragement.

our values

1)   Perfect Place for Imperfect People- Let’s face it: no one arrives at perfection. We realize that. Therefore, we have room at our table for every one of all walks of life, without judgment and certainly without intent to change. Come as you are, leave both caffeinated and satiated.

2)   Unbelievable hospitality- This is our home and coffee our muse. We believe you are an esteemed guest worthy of royal treatment. Therefore, we will serve you humbly to ensure you feel welcomed and are treated the way you deserve.

3)   Exceptional Quality- We believe, as craftspeople, that quality is of utmost importance. To the best of our abilities, we will serve you products made with carefully selected ingredients that have been prepared meticulously and served honestly.


We will aim to provide an environment that is inviting to the formulation of relationships, to lively conversations, to community. We will have wifi and outlets available for those who need a space to complete work, however, those will be limited as our goal is to create a space for people to connect with people. By providing ample space, comfortable seating, and a favorable aesthetic, we hope to facilitate a space that both makes people feel at home and assists in the rejuvenation of this great city.

conference room

For gatherings needing a more private venue, we will have a furnished conference room available for reservations. To make a reservation, simply go to the "Make a Reservation." You will be notified via email with your confirmation.